“I think it’s important to always be confident in yourself and your beliefs.”

Happy 18th Birthday Zendaya! (September 1, 1996)

"I always get offered the pretty, popular girl roles, but I want to do something dark, really challenge myself and get out of my comfort level."

make me choose ♡ anonymous asked

stalia or scira
me and xkit guy bf


me: bby ur hands r so cold

bf: there i fixed it


@lauramaranoJust a reminder that you all are really, really awesome. Seriously, I love you all so ridiculously much!

Okay, cool. Good talk.


make me choosethenemeton asked

kate or jennifer

make me choose emilybrowninng asked

mary jane watson or gwen stacy?


boys that are shy or quiet are usually the ones with the biggest dicks STAY WOKE



Beyoncé - Rocket

What do you do to make you smile? I like dancing, not well, but it makes me smile. Whether it’s in a ballet class, or in my pajamas in my bedroom. 

1x09 / 3x21

Selena Gomez Candids - Europe, Italy/France.